Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology is a unique health care system because it recognizes that appropriate body mechanics, biochemistry and emotional health are fundamental to optimal health and well being.

Your nervous system monitors and coordinates all of your body interactions. Applied Kinesiology uses muscle testing procedures to assess the function of your nervous system and find a solution to your health concerns.

Dr Daniel Niemiec is a chiropractor who is highly skilled in the assessment and application of structural corrections, nutrition, craniosacral therapy, meridian therapy, visceral (organ) therapy, immune system function, gut function, hormonal system function and many other aspects of health.


Muscle weakness is a major expression of neuromuscular dysfunction. Structural balance is maintained by opposing muscles. If a muscle is weaker than the one opposing it, the opposing muscle becomes tight and your skeletal structures will be out of balance. A weak muscle may cause pain and spasm in the opposing muscle.

Research shows that muscles respond with weakness in a predictable way to pain, inflammation and/or injury. This research has shown that dysfunction of the muscular system is the most common clinical finding causing pain, and supports clinical experience that pain makes muscles less powerful and difficult to use.

There is no other clinical method available for testing the loss of specific muscle strength and function as reliable and precise as the Applied Kinesiology manual muscle test. The assessment of the functional status of the patient is the major addition that Applied Kinesiology offers to traditional medical care.


Applied Kinesiology does not replace standard chiropractic examinations. It is used in conjunction with a comprehensive patient history, physical examination and appropriate laboratory testing to diagnose and treat a particular health condition. It allows Dr Daniel Niemiec to gather further information specific to your presenting condition so that he can determine the primary cause of your health concern.

Applied Kinesiology is used to evaluate the function of your nervous system through the manual muscle test. It helps Dr Daniel Niemiec to understand the functional symptomatic complexes when standard diagnostic and laboratory tests show no cause for your symptoms. It also allows him to identify neuromuscular dysfunction prior to the onset of symptoms so that he can prevent or delay the onset of further pathological processes.


Dr Daniel Niemiec is a certified practitioner in Applied Kinesiology with the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and he is a registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Dr Daniel Niemiec is also trained in the advanced chiropractic techniques of Retained Neonatal Reflexes and Integrative Neuroimmunology.

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