Back pain

Many people choose chiropractic care when seeking relief from low back pain. In fact, a large number of Singaporeans see a chiropractor every year. Of those people that see a chiropractor, approximately one third are looking for relief from low back pain.


It is no surprise that the incidence of low back pain is on the rise. In general, we sit too much, we don’t exercise enough, and we often eat the wrong things. When we lift objects, we often lift the wrong way and we do too much lifting in one go.

There are many reasons for low back pain, but some of the more common causes include:
– Poor posture
– Lifting objects incorrectly
– Prolonged sitting at a desk or when driving
– Sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise
– Injuries or accidents
– Obesity
– Pregnancy

Low back pain occurs because of misalignments of the spine and pelvis, which affects the function of the nervous system. This results in restricted spinal motion, increased muscle tension, inflammation and ultimately pain and discomfort.


The spine consists of a long chain of joints that are protected by muscles and ligaments. If one or more of these joints becomes stiff or irritated, it causes other joints to move more to compensate, and eventually the overuse of the flexible joints can cause pain.

Most injuries are caused by recurrent micro-trauma, which are small repetitive injuries due to overuse. This is why people often hurt themselves doing everyday activities such as bending over to pick something off the floor. Injuries do not have to involve heavy lifting. They are often caused by awkward movements when you are required to load and bend your spine.

Once the injury has occurred and the nerve signals pain, the surrounding muscles go into a protective spasm to help guard the injured area. After a while, the muscles become more and more painful, which is why low back pain often feels muscular in nature. However, the cause of the problem is most likely due to the injured joint, especially if the problem is recurring.


Low back pain can be accompanied by a number of symptoms, including:
– Pain in the buttock, thigh, leg and foot
– Numbness, tingling and pins and needles in the thigh, leg, foot and toes
– Pain on coughing or sneezing
– Difficulty standing or sitting for any period of time
– Pain after walking
– Stiffness on rising in the morning


Our chiropractors use various methods to adjust the spine and pelvis, which helps to improve joint motion, decrease surrounding muscle tension and reduce the inflammatory response to injury. In addition to this, we may use soft tissue therapy to further reduce the muscle tension. Our chiropractors may prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises to aid with your rehabilitation, and give you postural and lifestyle advice to help with your recovery.

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