Headaches & Migraines

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you don’t need convincing that they are one of the most painful and debilitating conditions you could possibly suffer from. Society spends millions of dollars every year trying to find relief from this crippling illness. But there is a natural and drug-free approach to the treatment of headaches and migraines. And that approach is chiropractic care!


Approximately 90% of headaches are tension headaches. These are usually brought on by stress, either physically or emotionally. Other causes of tension headaches include poor posture, extended periods of sitting, overuse of technology devices, and even dehydration.

A tension headache usually begins with a dull pain around the head accompanied by tension in the scalp or neck. Sometimes they begin at the base of the skull and work their way to the sides, front or top of the head. They can even occur behind the eyes. Tension headaches are often the result of tiny muscle contractions, creating the feeling of constriction around the head.


A migraine is a decrease in oxygen to the brain. If the brain receives less oxygen, it will simply increase the amount of blood flow to increase the overall amount of oxygen received. In order to increase the amount of blood flow, it must dilate the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. When these vessels dilate, it stretches the pain fibres that wrap around the outside of these vessels, causing pain signals to be sent into the brain.

Migraines may also be caused by misalignment of the cervical (neck) spine. This creates inflammation and tension within the joints, muscles and blood vessels at the base of the neck, which then transfers pain up into the skull.


177 volunteers who had been suffering neck pain and migraines for over 18 years entered a study. All of those who received chiropractic care were able to reduce their medication intake, with a significant number reducing their intake to zero. Additionally, 59% reported no neck pain after two months, and another 35% had a significant decrease in neck pain. There have been a number of other studies performed that show similar outcomes.

In a study conducted at Macquarie University, specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine significantly reduced migraines in 71% of the people surveyed. The frequency, duration, severity and amount of medication taken all decreased markedly.

By performing gentle and specific adjustments to the neck and upper back, our chiropractors can restore the normal alignment and function of the spine, which removes the tension that creates the headache and migraine symptoms. In addition to spinal adjustments, our chiropractors also use deep tissue massage to help relieve the muscle tension associated with a headache or migraine. They may also perform jaw corrections and cranial therapy to restore normal function of the skull.

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